As a startup brand, “New York Is A Nationality” is hoping to symbolize the lifestyle of the modern consumer and tap into the hearts of our surrounding communities. The products we provide are inspired by the attractive culture of the empire state. Unity behind an authentic NY style is what we promote. As a group of motivated individuals, we aspire to maintain an emphasis on impacting the world. Under the creative direction of Manuel Santana and the management of Rayson Vasquez, the New York team has developed a brand that can be relied on for quality and style. Working with the top artists, videographers, photographers, and developers of our area, we are able to maintain a unique connection with our cultural environment and grow alongside our consumer. Founded in Rockland County (North of Manhattan) by a group of lifetime New Yorkers, and developed as an idea that all of New York can relate to, “NYIAN” is truly a brand that took the streets by storm. What started as a simple preview of our signature hoodie, quickly became a need for more serious production. Which can be accredited to the overwhelming amount of love and support we have received from our peers and newly found customers. Thus, after a very successful pre-release promotion we decided to launch our official products months in advance. This decision led to some of the craziest times we have ever experienced. Our passion for success is what drives us, but our love for New York is what makes our products so relatable. As we continue this journey we are devoted to helping each of our customers feel that they are a part of something greater, while still providing the tools for complete self-expression. That is what NY is about. Many people, many styles, one big melting pot.