You know you made it when in a small town’s church I can count 15+ hoodies of your brand in one mass. That’s when I knew that NEW YORK IS A NATIONALITY was here to stay. I must be honest when the “movement” started I thought okay a few shirts here and there that’s cool, but when I saw what it really meant to people who wore the merch I was like okaaaaay, I need that. And I must admit how corny of me to need others to show me that something was “worth it” but it definitely happened that way! My name is Pamela Rodriguez, I am a writer but more than that I consider myself a dreamer which is why the NYIAN movement is something I support 1000%. It’s with the passion and drive that they get it done that makes me a fan, it’s what pushes me to spend my coin on them. I mean I must admit the clothes are fire, the designs each drop get more drippier with time, but for me it’s the behind the scenes that pushes me to always support.

The NYIAN Brand, is the perfect story between talking with your friends about a project and then seeing that project live on past one conversation. I use the word “perfect” lightly as I know nothing is perfect because behind every successful project come a lot of conversations, arguments, and back and forth on ideas.


I asked the team questions a few months back and one of them was, “Do you think NYIAN creates a feeling in people” their answer “We know it does. We have received so much love and support from people that we are grateful for, and a good amount of that comes simply from individuals who tell us they love the brand concept, the brand name, and the brand culture that we have created with our supporters.” And just by that you know they are set for long term success, they always say people forget what you say, what you do but they never forget how you make them feel and that stays true with brands and products. It’s the way to create customers that will last a long time and always support you.

It’s the culture they build that sends that message of community and giving back so far, it’s the involving the community in commercials and even in selling the product, everyone can eat and should eat mentality.

The NYIAN brand goes far beyond a t-shirt or a hoodie, it’s the feeling of pride you get when you’re wearing the brand and someone asks you where you get that and you point that person in that direction, the brand speaks for itself. But what will always set them apart from any brand I know is the culture. Culture is the combination of the people behind the scenes, the product itself and it’s customers. It’s the synergy between all three parts. It’s what makes a brand, a brand.

That’s why I wear NYIAN proudly, and hope for many years of success for them. It’s not what the brand sells, it’s not just the product but the culture, that’s the secret to long lasting success and New York is A Nationality is a brand that is and does. The Future holds many promises for this group of hardworking individuals who I know will provide products that will make us all wanna “rock” it but also they will find a way to make you keep falling in love with the brand beyond a t-shirt and a hoodie.

As always, it’s a pleasure to write to you, and I hope you check out the merchandise NYIAN has to offer, support their projects today and in the future.

Xoxo, P$

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