A Dash of Love

Every recipe in the books for a great cake always says you need flour, sugar, eggs and here and there a few ingredients to help the flavor or the consistency of the cake, right? At Vilma’s Bakery the secret ingredient, the one thing every recipe requires is: love. Today Vilma’s Bakery celebrates 10 years of delivering happiness to all their customers through delicious flavored cakes and Dominican pastries. The journey started in 1976 when Vilma started to learn about the art of making cakes with her grandmother in a small town in the Dominican Republic called Tamboril. There her passion for baking began, without her knowing how beautiful her story would turn out to be. A story that she initiated herself in 1998 out of her apartment after she moved to Washington Heights, NY. She continued selling cakes out of her apartment and later out of her house in upstate New York when she moved to Rockland. After years of hard work from her and her family they finally saved up to open a small bakery in downtown Haverstraw in 2011. Throughout these ten years Vilma has been honored many times, receiving business of the year, being featured in local and national news. Her pastries have captivated the taste buds of many, who once they taste always urge to come back.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Vilma and asking her a few questions about her role as a Woman entrepreneur. We all know starting a business isn’t easy and so I wanted to go in depth with her about her experience. I asked her what her biggest obstacle as a woman entrepreneur has been and she told me “Facing a market I didn’t know much about, as a woman and as a Latina there was many things, I was unaware of, but I knew my product was good and with the support of my husband and children I took a leap of faith.”

In my conversation with Vilma, I asked her if she could describe her business in one word what that word would be and as expected her answer was “love” she told me the serving of her pastries and cakes with love is what set her and her team aside from anyone else. While having the chance to speak to her I asked her, what would she tell a young dreamer whose dream one day would be to bake? She said “Dreams do come true, but we need to work for them. We have to be prepared, always learn, but we cannot leave our dreams behind the minute things get difficult, we must believe and fight for what we want.”

It was my pleasure to have a conversation with a lady that I know works very hard for what she has achieved in this community. Her perseverance is admirable and her dedication to her work and her people is undeniable. Vilma’s bakery is a staple of our community and our town. Every time we walk into her bakery we know we will find a smile in her and her staff and always leave happy with the product we purchase.

We wish Vilma’s Bakery many years of success. To continue empowering women as she does day in and out in her staff and to continue to show us that when hard work meets preparation and a dash of love the outcome is success and happiness.

As always, it’s my pleasure to write to you all, stay tuned for next month’s business of the Month! If you have any business, you would like to nominate email us or DM us at New York Is A Nationality on Instagram.

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