Love What You Do: Work Never.

Growing up we all heard the phrase, “Find something you love, and you won’t work a day in your life” these words were the main concept of my conversation with Ruben. Owner of 9W AB Towing and Auto repair shop in Haverstraw, New York. Ruben is a young hard-working man that is part of our community. He serves his community by providing honest work in the automotive industry. Ruben started his work in the industry in 2007. For years he had seen his father take part in the auto industry himself. His father who has two shops, one since 2001 and the other in 2008 was one of the main reasons Ruben fell in love with the business. He started working there and learned the ins and out of the business through the man he had always looked up to.

In 2017 Ruben embarked on his own journey, as the boss. He mentioned one of his favorite things is that he is the boss. I guess that’s what happens when you work years in the same business, a change in pace definitely helps. He mentioned one of the struggles they deal with at the shop is dealing with manufacturers and pieces, he made it clear his job is to fix problems for his clients and not sell parts. He told us one of his favorite things about his job and day to day is solving problems and helping his clients leave with a smile on their faces. At the age of 28 he leads a team of other members in their 20’s and one in his 40’s. He mentions they all enjoy working together and again, fixing the problems that are presented to them.

On his off days he enjoys hanging out with his family and friends. He tries to stay busy and enjoy some alone time here and there. Ruben enjoys cars, his love for Supras as he has owned a few and works daily to reach the goal to someday drive a Porsche 911 Turbo.

He attributes his hard work and dedication to his father who came here in the early 1990’s and worked his way up from a dry cleaner to owning car repair shops in the local community.
Ruben’s biggest advice to the youth is to find what you love, grind and work hard at it. He says if you love what you do, never will you feel like you’re working.

What’s your passion? Do you know what it is you love? Have you considered taking Ruben’s advice? Take a shot at your passion and see if it feels like work.
As always, thank you for reading, check out Ruben’s shop “9W AB” located on 9W in Haverstraw, NY.

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